What is the best way to create a question for the oracle?

Is it through the wallets? Are they supposed to be working?

Today I tried to create a question first using the Amoveo Wallet Linux app. It allowed me to fill out the fields but I tried clicking on the “Create Oracle” button, but nothing happens.

I then tried myveowallet.com. I entered the block height, the oracle question, and then tried “Create Oracle”. But it doesn’t appear on the Oracles list later on.

I did make sure that I had enough money in both of the wallets, 0.1 veo in one and 0.9 veo in the other, which should have been enough.

I finally created the new oracle. I still have some questions: how do we know which is the right block chain height to choose for the question? When does it close? Is somebody in the backend choosing this manually?