[DAC] MyVeoWallet Scalar oracles support

Objective: Development and implementation of a new set of MyVeoWallet features for working with Amoveo Scalar oracles

Crowdfunding Goal: 16 VEO

How will this benefit the community: The main goal is to spread adoption of the Amoveo economy faster and wider than ever before. Alongside an easy-to-use graphic interface, Amoveo will be more accessible and drive new users to the platform, which in turn will result in an increase of VEO price.

Discuss this DAC and post your offers in this thread, or contact via Telegram .

More details about this DAC you can find here .

Oracle for this DAC is created (https://myveowallet.com/oracles/ALUNRq6ZuOdwsKt%2B5KJ6CBqby0gIZoLNpRiPrwH4Xq8%3D) and will start accepting bets at the end of September.

Please note that we offer 25% interest rate on this DAC, so if you put 1 VEO in and we fail to deliver the features (by the oracle resolution), you’ll get your 1 VEO back and 0.25 VEO more from our own initial stake.

You can ask me on Telegram to prepare an offer for you, or even create your own and publish it, for instance, on http://amoveo.exan.tech/p2p/

We’ve successfully achieved our funding goal and about to start development phase.

Thanks to all contributors!

Scalar oracles are live on myveowallet.com!

You can check them at https://myveowallet.com/oracles/%2FYiSrUC9yrVE3v3W6p55AK5Xb%2BDtkrEC1h%2FCuBnmge4%3D or https://myveowallet.com/oracles/inD82CmYIn6zva7Ufxjr67X25zQYxt%2Bbk6V3YRoIMeQ%3D, or even create your own.

This release effectively means that we’ve completed this DAC conditions.

What will we do next to improve Amoveo oracles UX and what was left outside the DAC scope:
— Rework oracle creation form to allow using common wordings according to Zack’s using_oracles guide
— Add an option to skip actual oracle creation just like in recent light node UI
— Fold scalar oracles transactions in dashboard to make it less cluttered
— Make place bet form more user-friendly showing tips on bet amount / state / etc. (using pending tx’s also)
— Make oracles list updated in realtime

Now you can report to oracle https://myveowallet.com/oracles/ALUNRq6ZuOdwsKt%2B5KJ6CBqby0gIZoLNpRiPrwH4Xq8%3D and finalize channels, if you’ve contributed to the DAC.