[DAC] [example] [completed] Amoveo Moscow Meetup

Idea: An Amoveo community in Moscow hosted and funded a meetup in collaboration with Exantech and Cryptoeconimcs.ru. One of the speakers, Denis Voskvitsov of Exantech, presented over 70 guests and over 1,000 people watching online with Amoveo, giving a detailed explanation of the platform and its capabilities. In order to spread the knowledge, we asked our attendees to post pictures from the meetup with a hashtag #AmoveoDAC.

Objective: Described in the oracle question.

Oracle Question: An Amoveo Meetup to be held on May 17th, 2019 in Moscow. At least 10 attendees to prove that the event happened by posting photos from the event to social networks with a hashtag #AmoveoDAC. Did it happen?

Oracle ID: g+xdp+CO5PqA9Nz7FfdBLEjf4NEcA7v1FGTiruJnP8o=

Result: 3 channels created, objectives achieved (11 posts in total).

Status: Closed.