[DAC] English subtitles for Denis Voskvitsov's Amoveo Keynote Speech

Objective: Providing English subtitles for this video of Exantech’s chief, Devis Voskvitsov, delivering a keynote presentation on Amoveo at the Amoveo Meetup in Moscow.

Crowdfunding Goal: 3-5 VEO.
We will commission the translation once we have at least 3 VEO locked in channels by August 5, 2019

Oracle Question: Were English subtitles added to this YouTube video by August 15, 2019? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYBfkitrfg8

Oracles Starts At Height: 77228

Oracle ID: S6uUeDz3aXUd8mW89McG/GjNj5v9S3/etlkYScl8VA4=

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